Nora Ganim Barnes, director of the Center for Marketing Research at UMass Dartmouth, recently released the 2015 annual report of social media usage trends among Fortunate 500 Companies. The study demonstrates research in platforms and tools (Google+, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest), business networking platform (such as Linkedin and Glassdoor), and some Twitter followers.

Some major findings in this study include:

  • 103 corporations (21%) had corporate blogs, decreased 10% from 2014
  • Twitter is more popular than Facebook (78% vs 74%)
  • Glassdoor (87%) has joined Linkedin (93%) as a popular business tool.
  • The use of Instagram has increased by 13%.

Barnes claimed that American largest companies are actively looking for candidates on the social media platforms, and to smaller companies, who usually follow the lead of their larger competitors and partners.


Nora G. Barnes (center)
Chancellor Professor of Marketing

This issue is brought by The UMassD Magazine, Spring 2016, pg. 13