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Social Media Networks are incredible resources for personal branding. To build your personal brand professionally, you should maintain a consistent image on all your social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat. Every publicly accessible social media profile you have is a potential professional social media profile. It doesn’t matter if you intend it to be so or not.

The first thing you need to be aware of is whether your existing profiles on each social network are public. On Twitter, your profile is default-public. Most users are aware of this. The same can be said about LinkedIn, which bills itself as a professional social network, to begin with.

Perceptions differ when it comes to Facebook or Instagram. Most people have a personal Facebook profile, but very few people use it as a professional channel. Yet, many of those personal profiles are publicly accessible. Instagram is in a similar position, where the clear majority of people set their profiles to public, but only use them for personal purposes.

  • LinkedIn is the most used (cited by 96% of respondents) and considered the most effective (73%) social media site for recruiting. Facebook (66%) and Twitter (53%) are gaining in popularity, however.
  • Small organizations (under 99 employees) are more likely to recruit using professional or association networking sites, while very large organizations (over 25,000 employees) are more likely to recruit using YouTube.
  • Most organizations (89%) use social media to post job advertisements, and three-quarters use it to contact candidates. (SHRM, 2016)

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