By: Brianna Alves
Revised by: Rebecca Laliberte, Communications Manager of the New Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce
Photos: Brianna Alves



Kelli Munroe who works for the Southeastern Massachusetts Visitors Bureau invited me to attend a Listening Tour with her. I was very pleased she thought of me and I was excited to see what a listening tour is. This year’s listening tour was held at the Whaling Museum in Downtown New Bedford, MA. Massachusetts State Representatives from Beacon Hill took time out of their busy schedules to come listen to professionals involved in art, theater, AHA New Bedford, museums, and non-profit organizations within the SouthCoast and Southeastern Massachusetts area. These professional spoke highly about their organizations and demonstrated that the funds provided to this area are worth the investment. Massachusetts Representatives who came to the listening tour were as follows Rep. Antonio Cabral, Rep. Paul A. Schmid, Rep. Cory Atkins, Rep. Robert M. Koczera, and Rep. Mary Keefe. Many professionals spoke in front of the State Representatives but one individual really stood out to me. Eric Paradis from Your Theatre New Bedford said: “I believe the word ‘non-profit’ does not justify our organizations, we should be known as a ‘social-profit’ because we focus so much on our community.” I strongly agree with this statement because my experience during my internship with The New Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce which is a non-profit organization that focuses on the achievement of its members whiling advocating business enhancement, economic growth, and job creation. I really do hope the word non-profit changes to social-profit because I believe it creates a better understanding of what organizations do as a whole.



In addition to the Listening Tour, the past two weeks have been very productive. The time in the office is always good in order to catch up on emails and phone calls. Ian Abreu, the Manager of Business Development & Public Policy wants to invite all the new Members from the membership drive for an orientation to help them learn all the benefits of their membership. For this orientation, I have prepared a PowerPoint highlighting all the aspects Chamber membership entails. In addition- to the PowerPoint Ian asked for my opinion on sending the orientation details out to our new members. He suggested we call, email and mail a letter informing them in three ways. I agreed because some of the businesses who joined may be just starting up and traditional ways of communicating may be the best option.