By: Brianna Alves
Revised by: Rebecca Laliberte, Communications Manager of the New Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce
Photo by: Sergio Dabdoub


Last week I told you about my internship at the New Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce the Membership Drive that was happening. Also, I told you how I was hoping recruit two businesses to join the Chamber. Unfortunately, I did not do what I said; I got off track due to personal and work related tasks. This makes me wonder… In class, we are taught to keep our goals and make it accessible to reach our goals, but sometimes life happens and our goals are not met. So that leads me to ask myself, how many goals have I committed to pursuing but have not accomplished? Maybe I should reconsider the way I create goals, and make them more manageable. Setting and managing goals is all part of the process of learning about yourself through experience. Through the membership drive, the Chamber welcomed 81 new members. I contacted many of our new members over the verifying that all the information their organization had on file was correct and up-to-date. Having the correct information for Chamber members is hugely important in order to be sure that when someone is searching for a business in the SouthCoast, they can easily find and contact a Chamber member.

The picture provided in this week’s blog post was from the bi-monthly event the New Bedford Area Chamber’s South Coast Young Professional Network hosts “Coffee & Conversation.” Coffee & Conversations are networking opportunities located throughout the South Coast area. It’s a great way to creating new business contacts or say hello to colleagues before heading to the office.

To end the week, I had the honor of meeting the Board of the Directors of the New Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce at the Board Retreat. It was a wonderful experience and I am excited to see the future of the Chamber as we continue to grow and think of new ways to serve our members and the business community. It was very inspiring to see how other organizations, who are members, want to be involved in making improvements to strengthen the work the Chamber does to create prosperity in our community.