NORTH DARTMOUTH— The Charlton College of Business has once again exemplified its commitment to helping its business students achieve during and after their time at UMass Dartmouth. This newest chapter in the ongoing tale of facilitating student achievement has a name: the Charlton Student Entrepreneurs & Startups Club (CSESC).

As indicated by its mission, the newly founded CSESC will devote itself to helping students create real, change-making businesses:

“Our mission is to prepare students to turn their ideas and visions into entrepreneurial and social ventures and ultimately into commercial realities in an impactful new way, by supporting them along the process and providing them with a network of both on campus and outside campus resources, knowledge and experiences by those already in the field.”

CSESC was founded by PhD candidate and MBA student Elisandra Pereira. Born in Cape Verde, Pereira was raised and has traveled extensively abroad, garnering not only various academic degrees and accomplishments, but real-world business experience. Having founded two separate companies, Pereira wants to bring the experience of leading businesses to students even prior to their graduation from Charlton. “This is a new type of organization,” said Pereira, “We are taking things seriously, and trying to provide meaningful, professional experiences before students leave school.”

Elisandra Pereira speaking on a panel at the World Bank.

Elisandra Pereira speaking on a panel at the World Bank.

President of CSESC, Elisandra, along with her team, held the first round of interviews on November 2 for a number of executive board positions. Candidates for the Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer positions were asked to articulate not only why they would be the most qualified candidate, but what relevant experiences speak best to their abilities to lead and achieve CSESC’s mission. Next week, on November 8, the group will hold its second round of interviews for the positions of Operations Manager, Public Relations, Film & Video Editor, Graphic Designer, and Group Coordinator.

The group’s inaugural meeting will be on Monday November 14 from 12:00pm to 1:00pm in CC115.  Guest speakers will include Dean Angappa Gunasekaran, as well as Professor of Management Information Systems Timothy Shea and Professor of Marketing Jose-Domingo Mora. “We hope to bring plenty of speakers to events, but also to create valuable immersive experiences for students,” Pereira said, going on to indicate that with this group “the value of and for students will always be at the forefront.”

This move should provide a number of motivated students with the resources and structure they need to create innovative enterprises for themselves. It will also provide them with an attractive skill set and experience that employers will be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

Perhaps the greatest asset that CSESC has to offer, however, will be its fostering of entrepreneurial spirit among CCB students. As CEO of Ellie Paris, an international clothing brand that celebrates cultural heritage, Pereira wants to convey the empowerment that comes with being a business leader at such a young age. “For me, entrepreneurship is like a disease that has no cure; I have it and I have used it to empower myself.”

Whatever the benefits that CSESC will inspire, one thing seems certain: it has the vision to unlock student potential, and perhaps time is all it will take to make the group’s vision a reality.

If any student is interested in applying for a position on November 8th, or would like to attend the inaugural meeting on November 14th, please email the group’s president, Elisandra Pereira at: The meeting will be  Monday November 14 from 12:00pm to 1:00pm in CC115.

Special thanks to Elisandra Pereira for logo, photos and information regarding the CSESC.