by Ethan A. Dazelle

NORTH DARTMOUTH – On Thursday, October 20, 2016, Chancellor Peyton Helm, Ms. Stacey Charlton, Reverend Robert Lawrence, UMass President Marty Meehan, Charlton College of Business Dean Angappa Gunasekaran, and other notable names in the Commonwealth, performed the Ribbon Cutting of the Charlton College of Business Learning Pavilion.

The event was a success, drawing in students, alumni, and various stakeholders who had generously helped contribute to the planning and funding of this next chapter in Earle “Chuck” Charlton’s enduring legacy and philanthropy.

President Meehan commended Chuck Charlton’s posthumous charitable accomplishment as a true testament to his family and his memory. “A real measure of generosity is when, even after life, a person keeps on giving,” said Meehan. Reverend Lawrence noted that the Learning Pavilion is the “fulfillment of Chuck Charlton’s dream.”

Recognizing this as a “big leap forward” for not only Charlton College of Business but for the University, Chancellor Helm asked a captive audience during his speech, “If we can accomplish this, what can we do next?” Dean Gunasekaran echoed this pronouncement, stating that the College of Business, with this new Learning Annex, could become a “beacon for the region,” demonstrating to the world that CCB students, graduates, and faculty “can create greatness.”

The good tidings the event wrought also came from students and alumni at the event. As MBA graduate Trai Dang, ’14, stated, the facility is “fantastic” and a “huge improvement” for the school. Steven Luo, a student from Guangzhou, China in his last semester at the business school, said that this brand new environment would be a great resource for facilitating group work and giving people a place to meet. “It will be much more convenient,” noted Luo.

With all of the good feelings and new resources available to the the Charlton College of Business, the question on everyone’s mind is very much Chancellor Helm’s question: What next? Is this a new era for the Charlton College of Business?

All indications seem to suggest that. The school is now ranked by the U.S. News in the top 150 Business Programs in the country, a fact mentioned by Charlton Trustee Stacey Charlton as being a source of immense pride for her father, the late Chuck Charlton. “He would carry around a copy of the newspaper ranking and have people look to see the good work his school was doing,” she said at the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.

As graduates from the Charlton College of Business continue to permeate through the Commonwealth, the nation, and the world of international business, there’s every reason to think that the affordable, top-tier school will continue to draw and inspire students to the South Coast region and the business community being fostered there. “Students are the reason we’re here today,” said Dean Gunasekaran at the Ceremony. Students will also be the reason that generosity and confidence towards the school will stay. Let’s see where this new era takes us.